golden hour ● coffee mugs ● socks : my shit

my family: myself, my husband, my two sons, and our two male German shepherds (Yup, I’m blessed with so many guys)

Teen Dramas: Like anyone else, I am obsessed with watching netflix, especially teen dramas. I was devastated when Netflix removed One Tree Hill

No Broken Bones: And I hope it stays that way!!

Socks: I love socks, but noooo fuzzy socks, only thin.

Black clothes all day every day: Wasn't it obvious?

fun facts

my slogan : Carefree overthinker

You'll understand why that's my slogan once you meet me! When you grow up as a rule follower, the world hits you hard as life events come along. Yet, I enjoy that I am still finding myself and learning to love all of my unique traits. Yes, I might be a bit awkward, an organized hot mess, and clumsy, but hey that's me! I am here to tell you that you're not alone; we are all learning self-love and I hope you trust me to capture your journey.